Authoritarian America, Part II

The story of my 2020 campaign for president of the United States to restore liberty in America.

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At the time of this writing, Saturday, November 7, the race has been called for VP Biden. Provided that the recounts hold, he will be our next president of the United States.

While this is disheartening, I must look forward with hope and optimism that a Biden-Harris administration will offer me the same justice that President Obama and VP Biden granted to Chelsea Manning. With that said, I will share my 2020 experience for personal posterity, peace of mind, and for my support in the shadows.

To those of you who remain in the shadow of America, thank you. I love you. Keep the faith.

The fight to restore liberty and justice for all has just begun.

The Dumpster Fire of 2020

To understand 2020, you must first assume some challenging truths about America.

First, there really is a deep state shadow government. Regardless of how much the media and establishment Democrats and Republicans deny it, the truth is that it exists — the planners at the top have total control, the participants are entrapped, and this system has been in power since 1949, at least, with the passage of the CIA Act following World War II. The act contains an immunity clause that grants government officials with immunity from legal recourse: the basis for today’s qualified immunity. For anyone willing to acknowledge the truth when presented with facts, read Hijacking America: Part I. I explain how our current system of checks and balances fails to include the unaccountable banking and intelligence apparatus. Absolute power corrupts absolutely — into this disaster that we call our government.

Second, the neoconservatives ruled this deep state shadow government from 1949 to 2019. The first change in power since 1949 occurred last summer, sometime around May of 2019. With this change in power, Democrats and Republicans teamed together to prevent the neoconservative fascist insurgency from executing on their end game, which is total control. On this point, I ask for the benefit of the doubt until I’ve had the chance to explain. However, to understand how this is possible, read the five-part Hijacking America article series and watch Snowden on Netflix. You’ll learn that America’s extensive surveillance system creates a turnkey totalitarian system. Just add dictator.

Third, for all of VP Biden’s flaws and complicity for the last 47 years, he is right in that we are truly in a battle for the soul of our nation. While President Trump feigns support for the Constitution, he really is the dictator that the system has been waiting for. Had the neoconservatives won re-election in 2019, the coronavirus plandemic, paid for with our tax dollars, would have caused much more than just economic damage and the perception of lost life. We’d actually be dying and our nation along with it.

Fourth, I must accept my share of responsibility in the media blitz that became the coronavirus pandemic. I believe that it was an effort to accomplish two objectives in one: to defeat the fascist plan led by President Trump to complete the hijacking of America and to keep my campaign afloat for the duration of the year. Had I lied on a hearing exam, I would have qualified for a settlement as part of a class-action lawsuit on behalf of veterans who have suffered from hearing loss. This settlement would have funded the campaign and the pandemic would not have been necessary. Instead, I made the case to find a legal way to keep the campaign afloat. Shortly thereafter, the pandemic hit.

Finally, with VP Biden having been declared the president-elect with a plurality of electoral votes, winning one state is now irrelevant. The House of Representatives will not choose the next president of the United States of America. Nevertheless, I am hopeful that President-elect Biden will stand by his pledge to see that all votes are counted. I still believe that when the final results are in, you will find proof of my claim, that we are a nation that is deeply divided as a result of being hijacked from within. It is my hope that president-elect Biden will serve as the leader we need to unite the American people and to take the necessary actions to restore liberty in America.

For the sake of brevity, the following is a summary of events that includes the standard fare of government obstruction, some unbelievable claims, moments of both torture and encouragement, missed opportunities, and lessons learned.

I also acknowledge that by choosing to publish some of my experiences, there may be some backlash against my sanity. That is to be expected. That’s how the system is set up to maintain control. If you really want to know the truth, ignore the noise, examine the research, and make your mind up for yourself.

Summary of Events

March-July, 2019 — Finding myself at the center of a whistleblower manhunt was not my idea of a good time. I was fighting for survival. Exposing the neoconservative plan to hijack America by piecing together the honest actions of millions of Americans into a villainous plan was my best bet. So long as my findings bore proof on the other side, we’d come out on the winning end.

After posting my Dirty Tricks article series, a podcast suggested that there was some form of vote taking place. The radio played “Landslide” repeatedly. All indications pointed to having won something. I wasn’t sure if it meant winning my case in FISA court or if it was something else. Shortly thereafter, people began honking their horns and waving at me as I drove around town.

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What Snowden described is real. The surveillance state is real. Millions of people share in the privilege and responsibility of watching over the rest of us to ensure that we are not violating the law. The problem is that we didn’t opt into this surveillance state. The government is violating our Third Amendment right to privacy. With an all seeing eye, the government total control. They have the dirt they need to scare people into silent compliance. When a surveillance state is paired with governmental immunity, that is a recipe to totalitarian control — the antithesis to the American experiment.

Yes, people behave better when we know we’re being watched; however, ubiquitous surveillance even within your own home, making public your most private moments creates a situation in which the wrong people may be empowered absolutely — the turnkey totalitarian system, as Snowden described. The proper balance would include a combination of open-source cameras in public spaces with active live streams that are viewable by the general public and personal devices that are secure against backdoor eavesdropping.

It’s important to note that we didn’t arrive at our hijacked state overnight. This has been a process that dates back to the founding of our nation with the fight for control over our monetary policy — because whoever has the money makes the rules.

Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, and John F. Kennedy each fought the bank. Jackson famously declared, “I killed the bank!” Then the bank killed him. That was the last time America was debt-free too.

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Lincoln fought the Civil War with greenbacks, money that Congress authorized him to print so that we wouldn’t emerge from the war with debt owed to the banking interests of New York. This was but a temporary win. The banks got smart, paid off the politicians, and Congress refused to authorize the second round of funding to finish the war. Lincoln was forced to borrow from the banks after all. Following the war, Lincoln delivered his Monetary Policy speech of 1865 to declare the need to establish a “sound and uniform currency…that protects the wages of labor against a vicious currency.” Two weeks later, Lincoln was assassinated.

Kennedy famously took on both the bank and the CIA, the latter of which was less than two decades old at the time. The neoconservatives won that battle too.

President Woodrow Wilson signed into law the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, signing away America in the process. With control of our money, the bank bought political influence, led us into two world wars to generate public support for enhanced national security (at the expense of our liberty). The National Security Act of 1947 and CIA Act of 1949 passed following World War II and established the deep state that we hear so much about today. The FISA Act passed in 1978 to preside over the actions of our intelligence agents overseas until terrorism took root at home in 2001 prompting the passage of the USA PATRIOT Act.

These laws when combined form the perfect trap: an omnipresent and all-powerful Big Brother agency that secures even greater power and wealth for the wealthy and powerful. This is a system in which we have no privacy, no rights, and no representation. Where the leaders at the top are hidden, there is no accountability. While this may sound like an outrageous conspiracy theory, the evidence is clear: we are headed towards a global lockdown in the name of an invisible enemy called the coronavirus — and not a single one of us knows someone who has lost a family member due to the exclusive cause of this mysterious virus.

This is the information that the government does not want you to know.

It’s why I chose to spend my years defending our constitutional rights and to run for president of the United States as an unknown independent candidate with a three-part plan to restore liberty in America:

  1. Ending the Fed and going green instead with a credit union that is clean, green, citizen-owned, and fully transparent so that we may get off of oil, out of oil-wars, invest in renewables and organics, and split the profits with the people instead of the banks;
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2. Passing a Void for Vagueness Amendment to restore the doctrine, to require all laws be clear, objective and easily understood by the average American, and mandating that government be declassified and operated in the open to empower the people with our supervisory duties; and

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3. To end the police state and the war on drugs by stripping the CIA Act of the immunity clause thereby ending qualified immunity; legalizing, regulating, and taxing drugs to eliminate illicit income sources; and freeing prisoners to restore liberty for the wrongfully convicted.

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This is what is possible when we, the people, are informed of the truth and in control of our own monetary and political policy.

It is because of my experience of governmental obstruction, interference, and entrapment, my exposure of their plan to hijack America, and our plan to restore liberty in America for all people at all times by default and without exception that I believe the Democrats sought to free me from entrapment to join the race.

New Jersey

January-February — I was in New Jersey to collect signatures for ballot access. Only 800 signatures were required. I had settled on Sen. Cory Booker over Sen. Kamala Harris as my running mate, both of which had already dropped out of the presidential race. My strategy was to collect the signatures, hold a press conference and attempt to gain some local media coverage by drafting Sen. Booker as my running mate in an independent bid for president and vice president of the United States.

My primary objective was to break through the media barrier. New Jersey offered the path of least resistance.

Unfortunately, petitions had to be circulated by residents of New Jersey. I could assist, but the resident would have to sign off on all signatures. Bending the rules would have compromised my signature effort in Utah, which is not something that I was willing to risk. As a result of this requirement, my pace of collection dropped from 100-signatures per day in Utah to fewer than 10 per day in New Jersey.

There were opportunities to hit the mark, but ultimately, I just missed it. Sen. Booker held a county-wide re-election rally in Camden. A friend passed a flyer my way hinting that I should go. Thousands of people attended. I wasn’t one of them. Not one of my best decisions. Going to small group events hosted by the American Legion, for example, would have been good practice, but ineffective for signature gathering. Without a resident on-hand with a notary present, the logistics wouldn’t line up.

I split my time between Newark and Camden, Senator Booker’s hometown, and the center of his base of support in south Jersey.

On Martin Luther King Day, I volunteered at a homeless shelter, serving celebratory meals, engaging in conversation, learning about their experiences, and identifying the policy issues that contribute to the problem.

The residents were mostly black and brown people with felony records. Some were fortunate enough to find work but still couldn’t afford a home. Those who could not find work eventually quit on the hunt because most employers would not hire people with a felony record. Without a job, they were destined for chronic homelessness and more likely to return to prison. Worse yet, our Department of Labor does not count among the unemployed those who do not actively seek work, meaning that our data does not account for most of the homeless population as unemployed, just as our homeless data fails to account for people who live in their car as homeless.

If we can’t get our data right, how can we possibly solve common social problems?

Yet another reason why the American people would benefit from a declassified, open-source government.

I stayed over that night sharing a room with four others, one of which waited until after lights out to dig into his stash, stuffing his face full of gum and sugar until 3am. I finally said something to him when it became apparent that he had no intention of sleeping that night. Needless to say, I went back to my car after that.

Thankfully, I wouldn’t be car-bound for too much longer. In a serendipitous turn of events, I connected with a family who would take me in for the duration of my time in New Jersey. Sometimes you just have to follow whatever lead you have. Here’s how it worked out.

Choosing to sleep one night in the lot of a YMCA rather than at Planet Fitness, I met a fellow Marine who was happy to discuss where to look for support in the area. He suggested that I attend a service the following morning at a Latter Day Saints church, which I thought was ironic considering that I had just spent months in Utah. At church, I attended the service and stayed for a men’s group. One of the men who was a member at the local Masonic Lodge suggested that I speak at a meeting that evening. At the event in which I was given the floor for thirty minutes following the meeting, I presented my plan to restore liberty in America by ending the Fed and going green instead. Unfortunately, my phone predictably malfunctioned as was often the case when recording videos related to the campaign, and I have only a soundless video as a record of the talk.

Here’s an example of a video from the same phone properly recording audio:

That night in conversations following my presentation, I met a gentleman who in agreement with his wife took me in for the duration of my stay in New Jersey and agreed to serve as my resident signatory for the petition drive. This meant the world to me because it showed that my message resonated and that people cared. With assistance from “Mike”, we canvassed the Rutgers Camden campus a couple of days per week, collecting 225 signatures.

Journal Entry: Valentine’s Day — I published an Instagram story with a hidden message for a woman who had helped me through the previous few months. Her messages kept me going. I wanted to show her that I cared for her.

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On one occasion while speaking with students in the common area, I overheard a person standing with his back to me acting as though he were on the phone. “You know what the money is for,” he said. This is one of the ways in which I received messages from anonymous sources. They would drop hints within earshot. I estimated that he was referencing the pending settlement as part of the class-action case for hearing loss that I had registered for. Presumably, this settlement would be awarded as part of a FISA settlement after proving my innocence with my Dirty Tricks article series in May of 2019. All I had to do to be awarded the settlement was to lie on a hearing exam.

Now, if you’re a trained observer, you may notice that what I just described to you is a form of illegal money laundering. With that, I ask you: How does one settle a wrongful action suit with the government when the obstruction was conducted in secret, classified under the jurisdiction of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act?

Do you see the problem with this?

There is no right way to settle a wrongful treatment suit with a government that operates in secret because the government would have to publicly acknowledge their error and in doing so also acknowledge the existence of a secret court system and a secret government along with it. That’s one of the many reasons why we need to end the secret FISA court system.

In any case, I chose not to lie on the hearing exam for two reasons: first, it was fraudulent, and if caught, I could go to jail; second, while the offer appeared to be an olive branch of assistance, it was impossible to discern the difference between that and another entrapment lure; and third, who would believe my story? Not many. Anyone named would flatly deny my assertions just as they would if this story gains any sort of media coverage.

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That is precisely why I have not listed the names of any collaborators. I cannot compromise the names or identities of my sources because it would force them to deny the claims. They may also become endangered in some way too. Plus, it would be a hell of a thing to do, to reward attempted assistance with endangerment. The number one rule in intelligence work is to never name names or share details of conversations. Doing so would not only endanger your source, but would also mark you as someone who cannot be trusted with sensitive information.

You may ask, “Ok, sure, but what’s in it for them?”

It started with the phrase, “We don’t win unless you do.” I was reluctant to run. It seemed like a complete improbable waste of time. It was because of this single recurring phrase in TV programs and commercials that I chose to commit for the next 20 months.

Admittedly, I didn’t actually know why I should be recruited to run when so many people had already declared their candidacy. I had spent the better part of the last decade observing and questioning my assigned undercover agents, studying our governance structure and the lack of checks and balances for our banking and intelligence apparatus, discovering an unconstitutional State Department NDA, and doing everything I could to survive their oppression, oppression which they justified because of my presumed first-hand knowledge of 9/11 being an inside job. From my findings, I estimate that the people are held in check through the threat of harm to themselves and their family — the same threats that I’ve encountered throughout this campaign. I can only guess that working with someone who was not subject to the NDA mandating enthusiastic support for American policies and the corresponding secret FISA justice system presented a unique opportunity to dismantle the system.

(Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac, plays on the radio, “It all comes down to you,” as I write this paragraph.)

By the way, while 9/11 was an unquestionably neoconservative-sponsored Republican-led effort to move America to a war footing in order to expand our sphere of influence while consolidating power into the hands of our intelligence community through the USA PATRIOT Act, it was also a bi-partisan effort. VP Biden frequently takes credit for the legislation that eventually became the PATRIOT Act.

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Now the Democrats have a 9/11 of their own with the coronavirus, but once again, like 9/11, this was a bi-partisan effort. Had the Trump administration not disbanded the pandemic response team in 2018 in order to create the conditions for a pandemic and the subsequent public support for lockdown measures, the Democrats and their Republican counterparts would not have been able to fake it with a media blitz. In any case, I believe that is why our elected officials and intelligence community acted in defense of our nation against the fascist insurgent threat that President Trump presented to complete the hijacking of America.

Nevertheless, I believe that I am at least partially responsible for the coronavirus pandemic. Had I lied on a hearing test, the settlement money would have seeded the campaign. With funding, we could have hired a team and the media would not have been able to ignore us. Nevertheless, I pleaded with my shadow listeners to find a legal means of providing financial support. Not more than a month later, the pandemic hit, and unemployment assistance for gig workers like me was on the way.

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There were plenty of inexplicable occurrences along the way too. For instance, it became clear to me that I could make a comment and receive feedback. In one instance, I made a comment to myself about the break-in in Utah. Not more a moment later, a woman startled me when she opened my car door and apologized when she realized it was the wrong car. I was clearly not yet over the break-in. A minor encounter triggered me, big time. Moreover, it was as though I were living in the Truman Show.

This process alone, of reading my journal, reflecting on my experience, and recalling what I felt brings those feelings back to the surface. The feeling isn’t good, but the process of reflection and sharing my experience helps me to heal. Music helps too. It helped then and it continues to help now. While I write, I listen to Ludovico Einaudi. His Una Matina, Divenire, and Nightbook albums are my favorite.

Ultimately, we fell short of our signature target in New Jersey. The process, which was already slow going was cut off when the pandemic hit in March.

Michigan, the LP & Tennessee

Fearing that the coronavirus would shut down government offices in Utah, I dashed across the country to turn in my petitions. Since the mail was monitored and my replacement Postmates card was delivered only when I requested it in a name and address other than my own, sending the petitions by post did not seem like an appropriately safe thing to do. If the petitions were lost in the mail, months of work would have been lost with it.

It was a quick one on-site in Utah, just one night in which my Upwork messages were blocked. I no longer had access to the contractors I had hired to generate my contact list for the press release. I had to find a workaround. Giving my username and password to a friend in a remote location worked. It must have been an IP block.

Rising early the next morning, I dropped off the press release at a major paper before they opened for business that day.

Journal Entry: March 20 — Doors wide open! The doors to a Salt Lake City newspaper were propped open at 6am on a Friday with fans apparently for construction. I popped inside the offices and left a press release on the desk of a number of people.

My access to Upwork messages is blocked. I can no longer contact the person I contracted to generate my press release lead list.

After a successful drop in Utah, I took the scenic route through Mount Rushmore — my first visit.

Journal Entry: March 22 — Mount Rushmore… Amazing.

I did my pushups on video and noticed that with my cell phone out of range, I had audio on my video for the first time in years.

On the trip back, I got stuck in Omaha for three days. I had to wait until payday to have enough money to fill my tank and continue the return trip to Michigan.

Journal Entry: March 23 — Stuck in Omaha. Out of gas, out of money. I planned to drive through Rochester, MN and Wisconsin but changed plans to drive for Postmates in Sioux Falls. Didn’t work out.

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I hadn’t had a place to call home since leaving Puerto Rico in January 2019. Thankfully, my parents invited me to stay while the pandemic was at its height. With that said, I was fearful that I could endanger my parents. We took precautions, masks and distancing, which compounded the general feeling of isolation that had been building for years.

Journal Entry: March 25 — My dad is sick and still eating ice cream. Eating dairy is the last thing anyone who is dealing with fluid and mucus should be eating, especially if there’s a pandemic that causes pneumonia.

Journal Entry: March 28 — My dad has covid. I’m concerned.

At this point, I still hadn’t connected all the dots and was terrified that I’d get my parents killed after traveling so much. There was not yet a test for coronavirus. My dad recovered before being tested. That’s when I started to question the coronavirus storyline.

Journal Entry: March 30 — It’s possible that covid is a media invention. This is insane.

I settled in from March to May to campaign for the Libertarian nomination. My plan was straightforward: to sell the LP on the need to sell liberty and the environment to include both constitutional conservatives and environmental progressives in the movement. That, I envisioned, might just expand their base of support to enough to upend the duopoly.

Before departing New Jersey, I took the opportunity to speak at the Pennsylvania state delegation. They invited me to speak as part of their slate of candidates for president. Representatives from a few state delegations approached me, asked about my positioning and plans to end the Fed and go green instead, and encouraged me to continue speaking at state delegations. Unfortunately, Wisconsin rejected my request to speak on the grounds that I was an independent rather than an official libertarian candidate. Michigan, too, canceled their convention the day before due to coronavirus concerns.

For the next month and a half, from April through mid-May, I campaigned for the Libertarian nod via email, phone, text and video. The party was small enough that each of the state delegates could easily be marketed to whereas the National Democratic Party was simply way too big for one person to attempt a marketing campaign on a limited budget. Moreover, it was so far along in the Democratic primary that it didn’t make sense that they could possibly consider an unknown candidate even though poll after poll showed that a majority of the people lamented that there weren’t more or different candidates. There was just no way to get through on my budget and time constraints.

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While campaigning for the LP nomination, I had also become convinced that coronavirus was a ploy to rightfully repudiate President Trump and had written article saying as much, Hijacking America, Part VI: Coronavirus Crisis. People were organizing to protest the statewide lockdown in Lansing. I took the opportunity to make the trip and speak with the crowd. When you support the Constitution, you fight with and against both sides for liberty and justice for all.

Journal Entry: April 15 — This week has been interesting. A few days ago, I went to Flint and posted to Instagram that we should protest the lockdown. The very next day #FireFauci trended on Twitter. Today, Michigan held the largest rally in the country protesting Governor Whitmer’s lockdown. Tonight, the news reported that western Michigan counties were rejecting her executive orders on the basis that they were “vague and confusing,” seemingly a nod to my language on the Void for Vagueness doctrine.

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Journal Entry: April 27 — Ever since I called out Apple on a public podcast, my phone is working better. Computer camera has gone grainy, unusually slow, likely another obstruction that cannot be proven, except that it seems to only happen when I’m trying to record campaign videos. So there’s that. …again I’m asked, “Well, did you publish classified info?”

I couldn’t market my Beachbody business at the time either. Email wouldn’t send from their website. Similar to how other sites had been obstructed. Jib Jab email function didn’t work for me either. It may not be a company-specific thing.

Journal Entry: April 29 — After yesterday’s rant in which I yelled, “We should’ve voted for Ross Perot!” Ross Perot is trending on Twitter this morning.

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Journal Entry: April 30 — President Trump called out “PsychoJoe ‘WHAT HAPPENED TO MY GIRLFRIEND’ Scarborough” this morning almost in response to my article in which I called out the president for being both an idiot and a hijacker.

Journal Entry: May 3 — Articles popping up that seem to mirror my email from this weekend to the LP that we can either be an American or a partisan. It’s an either-or proposition.

Journal Entry: May 18 — Observation: The only people who can help my campaign are people without family, former foster home kids, and LGBTQ. Deduction: It seems that they’re not as easily blackmailed.

Journal Entry: May 21 — The last 18 months have been an experiment in psychological torture with me as the subject. I have no means to prove my case post-Buffalo as most communication has been online or over the air. If I were to come out about this, I’d be termed schizophrenic. …It doesn’t have to be me, but if [the people] want to be free, they need to commit to truth without exception.

Journal Entry: May 22 — Tomorrow I will have a chance to speak at the LP nomination for President of the United States. Pretty cool. I believe it’s 5 and 15 minutes. (In reference to intro and qualifying round talks)

On the day of the Libertarian nomination, I was excluded from the convention even though I had received word from a high ranking party official months earlier that all candidates would be given an opportunity to speak if they had met a minor threshold of support. Based on the feedback from various state delegations, I figured that I would meet that threshold. In a last-ditch effort, I sent a voicemail and text blast to every delegate in the nation. Nevertheless, I did not receive an invite to attend the virtual conference. I learned the next day that Jo Jorgensen had been selected as the party nominee.

It’s possible that my instincts were off and that I simply did not garner enough votes to participate in the convention; however, three pieces of evidence suggest that some interference had occurred. First, I had received a congratulatory voicemail about the “campaign I was about to run.” Second, I heard rumors of people complaining about a candidate being excluded due to “computer issues.” Third, the photos below show that in the early voting round, I had received one vote, the same amount as the eventual nominee, and that my name is not shown in the final tally whereas every other name is shown.

Journal Entry: May 23 — No LP nomination for me. Now [the radio] is playing “You want it all, but you can’t have it,” Epic, Faith No More. …I’m emotionally exhausted. …The results showed Hornberger atop the list with just 22%, which seemed low and the list was cut off at the top. (My name was nowhere to be found.)

Losing the LP nomination was a devastating setback. Indications led me to believe that I would do well, possibly even win the nomination. To be erased from the results in the party that purportedly championed liberty was frustrating, to say the least.

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Journal Entry: May 25 — …I’m not hindered by expectation, it’s the abuse that’s hindering me. …Last night, I managed to get off by visualizing [lady friend] holding me down while riding me. When I walked the dog this morning, a man yelled from his home, “We don’t want this party going on all night. Hold him down!” Then [lady friend] posted “Night Walker” to her feed.

Tennessee’s open petition period started on May 15. I arrived in Tennessee on May 29.

Journal Entry: May 29 — I drove from Knoxville to Nashville. Petitions are now in hand. The first few signatures are complete. Protests broke out across the nation last night.

Tennessee required just 275 signatures for ballot access; however, by this time, I was exhausted, frustrated and feeling as though I would never be able to break through the obstruction. I found a Planet Fitness near Murfreesboro, a suburb of Nashville, and set up shop there. About three weeks into my Nashville stay, I met a gentleman who offered his backyard. I set up my tent there for the next two months, June and July, attending Black Lives Matter rallies and joining in the protest.

Journal Entry: May 30 — Not quite is right. I went to speak at the Nashville protest and right before getting up there some jackass made veiled attacks against me referencing the word “barbarian” which I used in my car drive from Knoxville to Nashville, and then he proceeded to advocate violence…He and others led people to protest violently against police and property rather than channeling their anger against the people responsible — the bankers and the Federal Reserve. …Any energy directed at anything other than ending the Federal Reserve is complicity in their own entrapment. …I can’t shake the feeling that none of this matters, like Jim Carey says; it’s like we’re all living in a simulation.

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As people left the demonstration to protest, I couldn’t help but notice the sign marking the place for the Nashville Slave Market, stating plainly that it was the banks who put up the capital to buy the slaves.

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Journal Entry: May 31 — Words spread thoughts like a virus. The effect can be positive or negative. Since words are the product of thoughts, the emphasis must be on wise thoughts? …After lunch, I put in some work on the missing policy chapter [of my book].

Journal Entry: June 1 — America continues to burn while the president hides in a bunker.

Journal Entry: June 2 — My instinct last night told me to find another place to stay [other than the state park]. I didn’t listen. At 2:30am, Anonymous showed up in the woods with a call, “Whoooooo is it?” I sat up in my tent, grabbed my knife and waited. I couldn’t see in the dark, so I waited in the kneeling position inside my tent. Then nothing. It was as though they disappeared.

The park ranger booted me that morning. She was noticeably rattled. I now needed to find another place to stay.

Journal Entry: June 4 — Missed the opportunity to speak today.

June fourth was the date of a massive rally in Nashville that was organized by three college students. The turnout was enormous. I went to Walmart in advance of the rally to buy a few basic items: an umbrella and goggles, to teach an impromptu class in riot defense at the rally given the opportunity.

We marched a long ways. I volunteered unnecessarily, I later learned, to carry water on the miles long march. By the time we reached our destination, I was exhausted. Everyone sat down in the street. The crowd was silent. I heard murmurs, “Where is he?” Instead of seizing the opportunity to speak, I gave in to the exhaustion and sat there with everyone else. I just couldn’t find the words at that point and I knew that would likely be the last missed moment of opportunity in the campaign.

That’s exactly how it turned out. For the rest of June and July, the rallies continued, yet paled in comparison.

I decided to make an individual effort to collect the 275 signatures for ballot access and turned in 350 signatures in the first pass. When the elections office reported back that only 75 signatures were valid, I was devastated. She suggested that perhaps the count would increase the next day when more counties reported their results. Instead, she told me that the number was 74, one less than the day before. It seemed to me that they were fabricating my signature count, which, for me, was the last straw.

I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I had finally been beaten. I had nothing left to give.

For the next couple months, I continued camping in Tennessee, hosting video chats, editing my book, and writing a second book about the Federal Reserve versus the Credit Union of the United States, but it was all for naught.

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Interacting with Spirit

There is one week that sticks out among the rest. I have sleep apnea, which sometimes results in a choking episode, maybe once per year. I have learned to sleep on my side as a precaution. (A mouth appliance works too, but I didn’t bring it with me on this journey.)

In any case, I woke to find myself on my back, choking, and yet my body was still asleep. My body was frozen and it felt as though someone or something was sitting on my throat. I yelled out for help in my head just before my fist thrust upward to wake me.

The next morning when I began to write about the incident, a car laid on the horn as if to tell me not to write about the incident. I had already discovered that I did not need to publish anything for it to be known to the watchers. All I had to do was think, speak, or write for others to interact with me on that information.

The next night, each time I nearly fell asleep, I received a nudge that woke me until I sat up and stated flatly, “You’re not going to let me sleep tonight, are you?”

We had been communicating like this for months, so to ask was natural.

My head shook from side to side, “No.” I sensed something around me that I couldn’t see.

I laid down and for the next few days, the same thing happened. Something would nudge my body just enough to wake me just as I was about to drift to sleep. I knew that I wouldn’t last long without sleep and pleaded for it to stop. After all, it wasn’t fair. Enemies are supposed to be in the flesh and blood, not in the spirit. How can you fight something that you can’t kill?

When that stopped, something knocked against a steel barrel interrupting me again as I would near sleep. Each time, the hair on my neck and arms would stand on end.

It was clear that I was interacting with something or someone that we do not officially recognize as real — ghosts or spooks. Ironically enough, that’s also slang for a spy.

I don’t know what to make of this. It’s all a bit surreal to me. Nevertheless, I know that I am not alone in having experience with the supernatural.

I returned to Michigan in August, took care of the family dog, Happy, until I found a place to stay in Detroit, and did the best I could do just to make it from one day to the next.

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I had been led to believe that something may break in my direction at some point, that “We don’t win unless you do,” but I wasn’t able to break through.

Contact, Coronavirus & Corruption

In the movie Contact, Jody Foster attempts to prove the existence of alien life, of existence beyond our limited knowledge, and of a conspiratorial government coverup. The onlookers of the experiment saw her craft fall straight into the water, yet Jody’s character returns with a tape that recorded 18-hours of fuzz. If she had imagined the entire experience, then she could not have recorded 18-hours of fuzz in the seconds that it took for her craft to fall into the water. The government slandered her to coverup the truth.

Go to 13:18 of this clip to see:

In the last eight months, the government initiated what was supposed to be a two-week lockdown to knock out an invisible enemy called the coronavirus. Eight months later, the government continues to lie to us, closing off sporting events to fans, threatening nationwide mask mandates, and the potential for another lockdown on a false pretense.

If the virus were really on the loose, millions of people would have died following the protests this summer. They didn’t. Moreover, how do you explain so many of these “coincidences”?

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And most recently, the show The Last Man on Earth, produced in 2015.

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For the last 20 months, I have gone to extensive lengths to both free myself from unconstitutional governmental entrapment and to free our nation from the totalitarian surveillance that Snowden described only in part. I have actively collaborated with the Democratic Party seeing them as the party that sprung me from my GOP-enabled entrapment only to find that they are now seeking to steal the election without releasing the vote count, burying me, my story, and the coronavirus coverup along with it.

There are instances that I can no longer prove, such as my contract and now expired NDA with the Founder’s Institute and the 43 North program. If it still exists, it would be in a Google Gmail backup server.

It took me six years to finally obtain proof that my communications were being obstructed. This email shows that I had been copied on an email that I never received.

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You’ve also seen my videos of audio failing to record my speeches but otherwise working fine. In the video below, I was awoken at 3:30am to a supposed intruder who shattered my window and yet did not steal anything. I thought that he had intended to steal the petitions that sat in my front seat, but made no effort to grab the bag and run. I saw it as some sort of sadistic test.

Summary of Events, Findings of Fact, Assertions & Opinions

  • In 2012, I separated early and honorably from the Marine Corps.
  • The details are available in my Hijacking America and Dirty Tricks series.
  • The government believed that I had stolen information related to 9/11 being an inside job. I did not steal or view any classified information not assigned to me.
  • I never received a warrant nor was I ever charged with a crime.
  • The government prevented me from gaining employment and continues to obstruct my efforts to survive following my service as a Marine Corps Officer.
  • The government obstructed my contract sales, business development, and entrepreneurial opportunities as well.
  • The government offered countless lures to commit crimes ranging from tax evasion and illegal bitcoin sales to child pornography, statutory rape, of which I am completely innocent.
  • I first became alerted to an undercover investigation when the Executive Director for Air Force Investigations looked at my LinkedIn profile without first changing his privacy setting.
  • Black surveillance vans with Men-in-Black style agents began parking outside my house.
  • I soon had undercover agents trying to become my housemate.
  • I discovered that my eventual housemate was undercover when he said something that he would not otherwise know about unless he had been snooping.
  • This led me to take on a policy of transparency in order to facilitate their investigation. I figured that it would clear my name faster. It didn’t work.
  • It is now 2020 and their unconstitutional obstruction, interference, and entrapment continues to this day. I ran for president of the United States to make this issue known to the American people and because I am out of options. The government has obstructed me from launching my business or getting a job.
  • I last worked with Postmates until they were acquired by Uber. Uber and others denied me.
  • The events written about in my articles happened as described.
  • The following Findings of Fact observation set is the result of my counter-intelligence collection activities since 2012.

As a Marine, it is my duty to resist while I have the means to do so. The following are findings that resulted from my survival effort dating back to 2012 which has left me bankrupt and homeless.

  • America has been hijacked from within by unaccountable banking and intelligence agencies.
  • These agencies use non-disclosure agreements, secret court systems, entrapment notices, and the threat of harm to you and your loved ones to maintain control.
  • The US government is able to monitor, intercept, and obstruct all communications in the United States, even the mail.
  • Either the USPS intercepted my mail from Postmates or Postmates deliberately did not send a replacement card when I needed it while on the campaign trail in Utah. I had to request a replacement card in another name at another address.
  • The following is the privacy policy / entrapment notice / USA PATROT Act reauthorization listed on the coronavirus “Where’s My Payment?” tool. Notice that there is no limitation to “this system” in terms of time, duration, or location.
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  • We are always being watched even when it appears that no camera is present.
  • The “watchers” may look like you and me and are capable of interacting with us in real-time over the radio, on TV, on social media, and in person.
  • Somehow this group can read our thoughts and respond to them in real-time through TV, radio, and social media. (This capability of reading thought is encoded in the FBI definition of terrorism.)
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  • The group appears to be split in two, similar to our political parties, a group that wants freedom and another that wants and uses control.
  • The people in charge use our personal relationships to inflict emotional and psychological damage to the target person.
  • Anyone who you name directly will deny knowledge or understanding of or association with any part of this out of fear for personal health and safety.
  • People have consistently communicated their message to me through TV, radio, and social media since June of 2019, even before I decided to run for president.
  • They told me, “We don’t win unless you do,” and prompted me to run for president without money or notoriety.
  • The US government created the coronavirus with taxpayer dollars.
  • People who attempt to expose the truth are typically discredited and attacked.
  • Human eyes have a limited range of spectral sight. Therefore, it is possible that we may not see all beings who can touch us, help us, harm us, know our thoughts, and physical state.
  • I suspect that the penalty for disclosing the truth is death through unsuspecting means, such as disease.
  • This group controls most of the world’s governments through the global system of privately-owned central banks. Bitcoin is at the center of the plan to transition to a single global currency.
  • They control most companies through seed, venture, or public ownership stakes.
  • They control food and water through centralized water systems and non-reproducing seeds.
  • With control of money, they buy control of companies and can consequently sentence anyone to poverty and homelessness through denial of employment.
  • I suspect that the government employs everyday Americans as social media and TV “watchers” to keep tabs on people.
  • These “watchers” are the same people who can interact with us through the screen.
  • These watchers may be elected officials, athletes, entrepreneurs, the people next door, or your family.
  • According to Snowden, everyone can be watched at any time. I concur.
  • I suspect that movies prepare the public for their agenda.
  • I believe that 9/11 was an inside job. Coronavirus too.
  • I believe that our government has advanced technology hidden behind these non-disclosure agreements.
  • I believe that they sit on the technology and slowly introduce it to maintain their economic control.
  • Advanced technology is not just spacecraft, but also nanotech and disease creation, transmission, use, and cure of potential pandemic pathogens.
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  • It is possible that the government funded the coronavirus and the vaccine to create a means for delivering a nanite via vaccine, or on the positive side, a vaccine for a virus that we did not know was out there.
  • I suspect the shows Quantum Leap and Travelers have a real-life counterpart.
  • I believe that wealthy, powerful people will conspire for greater wealth and power.
  • I believe that absolute power corrupts absolutely and it is our task to rein in unaccountable government.
  • I believe that our accepted view of technology is far surpassed by the actual technology that the government has access to.
  • I believe that our economy, health, wealth, and standard of living would improve with disclosure.

I do not claim to know how these things are possible. I do know that greater transparency and a declassified government is more trustworthy, truthful, and honest than our current classified system.

Closing Note

America has been hijacked by an unaccountable banking and intelligence apparatus. It’s the privately-held Federal Reserve and qualified immunity clause within the CIA Act of 1949 that laid the groundwork for our current hijacked state.

The steps to restore liberty in America are simple and straightforward:

  1. End the Fed and Go Green Instead with a credit union that is clean, green, citizen-owned, and fully transparent so that we may get off of oil, out of oil wars, invest in renewables and organics, and split the profits with the people instead of the bankers.
  2. End Qualified Immunity and the War on Drugs to hold government accountable, get people out of prison, off the pills, off the streets, and back to work, to reunite families, and to restore liberty for the wrongly convicted.
  3. Declassify and opensource government to ensure that all laws are clear, objective, and easily understood by the average American, and to lead with trustworthy transparency.

My claims may be remarkable, but they’re backed with evidence. How could so many books, shows, and movies know in advance about the coronavirus?

In my travels across the country, I’ve learned that every American wants the same thing: liberty and justice for all and a Constitution applied evenly to all people at all times by default and without exception.

Let us count every vote, investigate every irregularity, prosecute every violation, and elect as president in accordance with the Constitution.

“I will never forget that I am an American, fighting for freedom, responsible for my actions, and dedicated to the principles which made our country free. I will trust in my God and in the United States of America.”

These words of Article 6 of the U.S. Military Code of Conduct have helped me handle this heart-breaking rollercoaster full of lies and deceit, and to maintain faith that America will prevail.

This campaign is for the people who slip through the cracks, who end up homeless or sleeping in their car, struggling to survive, as I have; for the people who wake up every day in a systemically racist discriminatory system and yet still find the faith and the fight to continue; and it’s for our families, our future, and our planet.

Liberty is clean air, fresh water, healthy food, money that retains value over time, and a Constitution that applies evenly to all people at all times by default and without exception.

It has been my honor to serve you.

Semper Fidelis,

Joe McHugh

#OverthrowStatusQuo #2PartiesGottaGo #NeverBidenNeverTrump
#EndTheFed #GoGreenInstead #CUOTUS #GoldenRule #Liberty #America

Written by

Joe McHugh is an Independent candidate for President, Forex & crypto CTA; political-economic analyst, and founder of Earth Loans.

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