Dirty Tricks, Part III: Distract & Delay

A Seven Year Chronicle

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After the campaign, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, “Richard” and “Mike”, fumbled around in my office to access my other external hard drive. Mike asked to stay in my office as a favor. I was entertained that they thought they still had their cover. As usual, I went along with it. The night that they finished, they whispered in the hallway next to my bedroom about where to place a dime-sized listening device, which I later found under in a towel. As things wrapped up, Mike and Richard fell in love, moved in together, and decided to work at the same logistics employer. I just love when things fall into place. I’m sure it was completely coincidental too. I told no one about my business school application to Babson until after I was accepted.

Cell Phone Surveillance

In Dirty Tricks, Part I, I alluded to cell phone eavesdropping without being on the phone. I learned of this tactic on the return trip from a Warrior Dash run. Car pooling with me was a former Dale Carnegie student who was too young for me; I let her down lightly. Shortly thereafter, I received two pre-recorded phone calls of a young girl pleading for help, an attempted lure for predation. The first time I received the call, I asked how she got my number, who was calling, and hung up. The second time, I told her to stop calling and hung up. This rattled me. They were coming after me now for whatever they could come up with.

“Isaac” Returns

“Isaac” returned for a tail and surveillance mission in the summer of 2015. One of my best childhood friends who moved in for the summer joined for an overnight trek to Nashville, Tennessee to attend Beachbody Summit. We surprised our friend and future Babson-bestie with a pickup at the airport. Afterwards, we took a lunch at a local restaurant. Returning for my wallet in the car, I thought that I had crossed paths with Isaac. He wore wrap around sunglasses and looked about 30 pounds heavier. I couldn’t be sure it was him until I saw a Facebook photo which showed that indeed, he had gained a few pounds since we lived together two years earlier. This encounter confirmed that, like chow in the military, the investigation was continuous.


I enjoyed and appreciated my time and the people at Babson. I had one private conversation in which I was encouraged to find a way to work with oil money instead of against it. Other than that, I wonder if I really failed to clearly present what I thought was a relatively simple and proven concept: Lending Club+Acorns for carbon-free home heating. In any case, I spent most of my time in PowerPoint believing that for the first time in my life as a salesman, I was falling short in my ability to communicate an idea. I did, however, have the chance pleasure of meeting former CIA Director Woolsey at an event. I took the opportunity to share my theory that we were responsible for shooting down the plane in Ukraine in order to choke off Russian gas supplies to Western Europe, 80% of which flowed through pipelines in Ukraine. I wanted to read his facial expression. The only read I ascertained was his entertainment with my bold and reckless challenge. President Trump later corroborated my theory when he demanded that Germany stop purchasing Russian gas [and buy it from us instead].

Distract & Delay

I feel compelled to share that I had opportunities to work after Babson. One of which would have involved selling combined heat and power conversions in old buildings, pretty much the antithesis of my purpose of aligning human behavior and nature — and definitely at odds with my political objectives to undermine the oil and gas cartel. A logistics opportunity became available in Florida. Again, I wasn’t interested. I had four years of experience in logistics and 20 years in finance and economics. I wanted to focus on solving a problem for a massive market. I also believed that I had gained the requisite experience to lead a company and simply refused to settle for anything less, especially when it seemed that I was being corralled into something that I didn’t want to do. My mother always said that I was stubborn, and you know moms; they’re usually right! With that said, I devoted a considerable part-time effort to an indoor farming consulting engagement in which I lined up the parties to finance a deal in Detroit. My client forewarned me about relying solely on the farming opportunity, but the potential payoff was substantial. I went for it. Eventually, I began to feel like this was yet another distract and delay tactic designed to gradually drain my resources. A meeting I arranged with a Detroit-based financier confirmed that this was either a distract and delay or that the company intended only to use Detroit as leverage and not as a legitimate consideration for expansion. In either case, I was out another year of my time.

Still on the Hunt

Concurrent with my consulting engagement, I hunted for investment, found interested parties and yet couldn’t find a solution to the problem of interested investors who would magically disappear or change their mind about investing with me after expressing clear enthusiasm and interest. In previous sales positions, I became accustomed to being a top performer with roughly double the average closing ratio of my colleagues. It would be fair to say that Eskimos would call me for ice. Yet, no matter who I spoke with and how enthusiastic they were at the outset, a later call would tell a different story. It was as if someone had told them not to work with me. This happened countless times. No matter what I did, I couldn’t break through. Meanwhile, my Beachbody business began to decline aggressively from an average of $75,000 per year to around $23,000 per year as of this writing. While I probably could have landed a job after Babson, I knew that under normal circumstances, I could make the sale on Earth Loans. I considered that I wouldn’t break through the oil barrier and that a pivot to solar may be easier, but first I would return to Detroit to trade the crypto markets. I would do whatever it would take so long as it was legal, ethical and moral, to remain independent of a 9–5 job, which inevitably would kill my goal of launching Earth Loans.

Learning Point #13: Distract & Delay

Be wary of distractions. Time is a valuable asset. To spend it unwisely chasing shiny objects is to play into the opponent’s hands. When your accounts run low, your opponent will step up the pressure. I spent too much time hunting for a seed investor and not enough time starting small with friends and family investments to fund a single loan, which would have proven the concept. With that said, it was a catch-22. How could I in good faith accept investment from friends and family if I knew that the government was doing everything they could to obstruct my endeavor? I couldn’t and that’s why I refrained from accepting a friends and family round.

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Joe McHugh is an Independent candidate for President, Forex & crypto CTA; political-economic analyst, and founder of Earth Loans. LibertyStrikesBack.com

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