How to Hijack America in Three Simple Steps

We’ve already been hijacked so this won’t help the communists, but it could help America!

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Step 1: Hijack the Monetary System

Money may not be able to buy happiness and love, but it’ll buy pretty much everything else. With money, you can buy a home, support a family, and live a good life. With a bit more money, you can buy big boats and planes, small islands, and entire businesses. For a select few who have enormous sums of money relative to the rest of us, they buy politicians, policies, militaries, entire governments — and the ultimate prize — control of the monetary system itself. With ownership of the monetary system, absolute power is just two steps away.

Step 2: Hijack the Media (& Public Opinion)

Monetary control is the ultimate prize because it can be used to buy America’s second most important asset: public opinion. By expanding and contracting the money supply, raising and lowering interest rates, the money masters are able to grow and shrink the economy at will, with our livelihoods hanging in the balance.

With the purchase of the news media, the money masters shape our perspective about what happens around us. We rely on the media to inform us of events. With control of the media comes control over the narrative — they choose what to tell us and what to leave out. With incomplete information, we are left in the dark and more dependent upon our masters to inform us.

At this point, the hijacking is nearly complete. The people are lost and dependent upon the predators who defraud, entrap, and enslave us. There is just one final step to complete the hijacking.

Step 3: Keep People Hateful, Fearful and Divided

Hatred, fear, and division is the ultimate form of control. When we are fearful, we are more easily manipulated and divided, more willing to acquiesce, and more ready to follow a leader who professes to lead us from fear to salvation.

There are many forms of fear, all equally harmful. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the future. Fear of our ability to feed our family. Fear of getting another job and fear of leaving our current job. We fear the law, the police, and anyone who looks, thinks, and acts differently. But most of all, we fear change.

The fear of change is the fearmongers secret weapon. However rife with injustice our lives may be, we are familiar and accustomed to them. This familiarity feeds into the fear of change and the unknown — and this is how the money masters stay in power. Through fear we cede control of our lives and decisions to those who profess to have the answers. When we cede control to the same people who seek to oppress us and keep us in fear, we become the masters of our own enslavement.

With clever misdirection, they will point the finger at someone else. It’s Russia or China, but never our own government, and certainly never our own central bank. To escape our entrapment, we must first learn to identify fear, face fear, and call the fear mongers out on their illogical manipulations.

We are the masters of our freedom or enslavement. It starts from within — with a willingness to face fear so that we may live a life of love instead.

Written by

Joe McHugh is an Independent candidate for President, Forex & crypto CTA; political-economic analyst, and founder of Earth Loans.

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