While your article may be accurate in terms of many men wanting a return to the simplicity and honor of caring for our families, we also want respect for our rights as Americans. Although President Trump talks a good game in this regard, his actions run contrary to popular belief.

Let’s start with economics.

Most people would agree that a society in which a family can thrive on a single income is better than one in which two incomes are required merely to survive. The last 50 years, especially since leaving the gold standard in 1971–73, the loss of dollar value has been near total — greater than 97% when measured against the price of gold.

This compression of our purchasing power relative to household income is an inevitable function of the wealth concentrating policies of the Federal Reserve. Because the Fed is owned by the banks rather than by the people, market gains and overall economic growth benefits are concentrated at the top of the pyramid rather than shared equally amongst the people. While many Trump supporters claim that he is ending the Fed, to the contrary, he has taken the same steps as his predecessor to further empower and strengthen the Fed. Just as President Obama watched the Fed juice the markets during the Financial Crisis in an effort to support a corrupt and bankrupt system, President Trump encouraged the Fed to bail out our economy under the weight of the coronavirus — which, by the way, the Trump Administration helped to create through his Administration’s funding of coronavirus research at the NIH. As a result of the so called bailout, the Fed has injected trillions of dollars into the stock market giving it near total control over market performance. In other words, whereas the market is supposed to be an objective measure of economic performance, that measure of objectivity is now a relic of the past.

When President Trump came into office, he had the largest GOP majority since 1929. With that, he did not repeal the Federal Reserve Act nor take steps to end the Fed. Instead, he chose to focus on healthcare and failed to deliver. With his historic majority, he delivered a tax cut, updated NAFTA and started a trade war — that’s it — not much for what he could have accomplished given his ruling majority.

On the liberty front, of the utmost importance for those who truly care about American ideals, President Trump has failed to deliver yet again. The USA PATRIOT Act is the most unconstitutional law ever enacted in the history of the United States. The Act enables subjectivity in the law which undermines our rights to due process, a speedy trial and trial by jury. Without an objective bar to measure laws and actions against, anything can be adjudicated as unjust. The Act undermines free speech in the same way. Without objective truth to measure news against, we are lost in a land of lies. The same can be said for privacy as the Act enables surveillance for any reason — a violation of privacy that without the right to due process is tantamount to the very tyranny that our founding fathers sought to overthrow in our Revolution. Because of the PATRIOT Act, especially since 9/11, every American has been subject to monitoring, surveillance, interference, obstruction, and entrapment by “law enforcement” officials — in violation of and in direct contradiction with our Bill of Rights.

Think about that for a moment.

Our Bill of Rights has effectively been suspended. Given that America became a nation only as a result of a compromise to include a Bill of Rights into the Constitution to protect against unrestrained government — meaning that without a Bill of Rights we would not have a country — given that the USA PATRIOT Act directly undermines our Bill of Rights, any politician who supports the PATRIOT Act is complicit in an attack on America. For a President supposedly intent on draining the swamp, repealing the PATRIOT Act would’ve been a good place to start. Instead, he strengthened the Act by appointing an FCC Chair and two Supreme Court justices who would repeal and uphold the repeal of net neutrality, the last bit of objective law we had left to protect against outright lies and fake news. Considering that the best place to tell a lie is in between two truths, only actions, not words can be trusted — and with the largest GOP majority since 1929 President Trump acted to further undermine American liberty rather than to restore it.

We can go on, but I believe the point is made. Yes, President Trump was right about our desire to make America great again. Families deserve the economic security that comes with a single income household just as every American deserves our God-given rights. However, the fact remains that while President Trump talks a good game, his actions run contrary to American interests, and in an ironic twist, are in direct contrast with the people he purports to champion and lead the most.

There is only one way to make America great again, and that is to restore liberty in America by repealing the USA PATRIOT Act, repealing FISA, and replacing the Federal Reserve with a credit union so that every American has an equal ownership stake in our economy and earns a Citizen Dividend from the profits thereof, so that we get off of oil and out of oil wars, and so that we invest in renewables and organics to improve the human and environmental health and wealth of all Americans everywhere.

If you want to learn more about how to restore liberty in America, please visit LibertyStrikesBack.com.

Sincerely yours,

Joe McHugh

American (Ind.) for President

Written by

Joe McHugh is an Independent candidate for President, Forex & crypto CTA; political-economic analyst, and founder of Earth Loans. LibertyStrikesBack.com

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