Open Letter to the Libertarian Party

On why I maintain my status as an Independent

Recently, I received a request to clarify my status as an Independent candidate for President while also making myself available to be drafted by the Libertarian or Democratic parties as their nominee.

This was my response.

Thank you for writing. You asked for a clarification regarding my interest in the LP nomination and my status as an Independent.

The short answer is, yes, I would like your support for the nomination of the LP, and yes, if the LP chooses another nominee, I will continue my campaign as an independent. Moreover, if the LP chooses me as the nominee, I will maintain my status as an Independent on the Libertarian ticket just as Senator Sanders maintains his within the Democratic Party.

The data shows unequivocally that a majority of the American public has demanded a third option since 2006, and yet the LP has failed to deliver better than a 1–3% showing. To that end, I stick with my assertion that America is not buying what the LP is selling in the manner in which the LP is selling it.

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Personally, I believe this is the case because the LP has chosen to champion right-leaning perspectives and to nominate Republicans rather than to focus on a Liberty-For-All message from a bi-partisan platform.

If the party were to nominate a bi-partisan ticket for the purpose of selling liberty in all of its forms, I believe the party would be better positioned to split both the Republican and Democratic parties, which is the necessary prerequisite to winning in a system of two-party duopoly. Because what I am proposing is a change from what the party has done in the past, I will continue my my independent campaign unless and until I receive the nomination from a major party.

Consider your alternatives:

- Jacob Hornberger, at the PA convention, pledged to “push the button to end Social Security” without implementing a replacement safety net. He’s flat out unelectable.

- Justin Amash recently declared his candidacy and is already at odds on Twitter with Bernie Sanders even though the LP has zero chance of winning without Team Sanders.

- Vermin Supreme is articulate and brilliant…and wears a boot on his head. Unelectable.

- Adam Kokesh is right on localization, but wrong on his messaging. He is too extreme for the mainstream.

In contrast, I am the only candidate who offers a viable plan to gaining the needed Democratic support to end the Federal Reserve. Also, only Adam Kokesh and I have served in the military. We are both Marines.

The strategy to #EndTheFed and #GoGreenInstead is a message that most Americans can get behind. People want representation, an ownership stake in society, equal treatment, clean air, fresh water, healthy food, money that maintains value over time, and a Constitution that is applied evenly to all people at all times without exception. None of these things are possible without ending the Federal Reserve’s singular ownership stake of our money, economy, and political system.

If the LP is serious about winning, it’s time to adopt a winning strategy. To win, the party must join forces with progressive environmentalist Democrats, Greens, Constitutionalists and Conservatives to form a majority coalition on the basis of Liberty for All.

To that end, the LP must nominate a candidate who can sell a Liberty for All message and partner him or her with a representative from a shunned community within the Democratic Party. People such as Senators Sanders and Booker or Representative Gabbard come to mind, of which, my preference is for Sen. Booker. It’s one thing to talk about liberty and entirely another to commit to liberty with the nomination of a member of a disadvantaged community.

Recall that our first president, George Washington, warned against political parties. If the LP is truly the party of liberty, then the LP should champion the idea of nominating an independent rather than a partisan. One cannot be both American and a partisan, in my opinion. It’s an either or proposition.

With that, I hope this addresses your concerns with regard to my interest in the LP nomination and my commitment to liberty as an Independent.

Sincerely yours,

Joe McHugh
Independent for President 2020

Written by

Joe McHugh is an Independent candidate for President, Forex & crypto CTA; political-economic analyst, and founder of Earth Loans.

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