The DNC still has not held their convention to officially choose their nominee. It’s not too late to rally around a candidate who will pledge to take action on liberty.

1. Replace the Federal Reserve Bank with a clean, green, citizen-owned, and fully transparent Credit Union of the United States. We will get off of oil, out of oil wars, invest into renewables and organics, and split the profits with the people in the form of a citizen dividend.

2. Pass a Void for Vagueness Amendment to require that all laws are clear, objective, and easily understood by the average American. Require government in the open to secure objectivity, and to restore the citizen right to supervise our government.

3. End Qualified Immunity, civil asset forfeiture, no knock warrants, and the War on Drugs. Legalize cannabis and decriminalize all drugs to get people out of prison, off the pills, off the streets and back to work. Free the prisoners, expunge their records, invest in mental health, and provide a job and a home so that we stay optimistic, in control, with our families, and out of prison.

These actions are possible once America realizes that every politician that has gained influence in the last forty years is part of the problem, and that to realize true change, we must nominate a true outsider.

Consider that even the Libertarian candidate does not have end the Fed as part of her platform — that should tell you something. A true outsider is one who is not part of the system in any way, and yet us still qualified for the job.

As a veteran Marine Officer, entrepreneur, and author with a background in finance and economics, I have been campaigning since October as an Independent to share the message. We’ve gained ballot access in Utah and Colorado, and may still get on the ballot in Tennessee.

Nominating an outsider sounds like a long shot, I know, but it’s the only shot we have as a nation to restore liberty in America. Until then we will continue to choose between two false choices and continue our drift into fascism.

Feel free to visit my website at, join the mail list, and leave a comment.

Semper fidelis,

Joe McHugh

American for President

Independent declared as a Dem for the primary

Written by

Joe McHugh is an Independent candidate for President, Forex & crypto CTA; political-economic analyst, and founder of Earth Loans.

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