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The Fly That Made Me Cry

I’m enjoying a juicy organic apple while overlooking the expanse of the ocean in Rincon, Puerto Rico, pondering what became of Mr. Fly, my frenzied visitor from earlier this morning. Out of nowhere, Mr. Fly appears, lands upon my foot and turns towards me as if to say, “Thank you.” A brief beautiful connection of mind and heart between two beings, with mutual respect and admiration, and off again he went to go about his business. Immediately after his departure, I am overcome — a grown man crying — stricken with grief by the teaching of a fly. How many other insects, animals and people have I failed to provide the same courtesy as I did with Mr. Fly?

Just an hour or two earlier, Mr. Fly buzzed around in a panic as he struggled to escape my home. While I was trying to sleep, comfortably in my bed as it is, Mr. Fly was frightened and fearful for his life that he might not escape his entrapment. Blocking Mr. Fly’s exit was the mosquito netting that I installed across the two doors of my small bungalow. (Post-sunset bug assaults became way too common last summer; I thought it better to keep them out rather than to invite a swarm to consistently dominate my home.)

Rising from my bed to fidget with the netting, I opened the door and prompted Mr. Fly to leap into the golden rays of the outdoor sun. To no avail, he would not find his freedom — not at that moment at least. Returning to write at my pinewood Humble Works standing desk, it’s Mr. Fly again, now buzzing the window screen as if his efforts might create a hole, a path to the other which lay beyond the seemingly impregnable screens of my home. Detaching the screen was not to my preference, hence I walked towards the front door to see if he would follow. Follow, he did, and again he found the netting. Except this time, as I freed the door of the bug barrier, I whispered to Mr. Fly, “Fear not, Mr. Fly. I hear your call and have provided your path. Come and go as you please, knowing that the door will always be open.”

Mr. Fly thanked me for his freedom, yet it is I who owes the debt of gratitude to Mr. Fly for it is he who has taught me of the truly connected nature we share with one another. Indeed, we are all one.

Thank you, Mr. Fly. Thank you.

If you want to learn more about flies, here’s a delectable piece on the secret sex life of fruit flies. And another, sharing that a fly can process information seven times faster than a human thereby enabling them to dodge a swatter like Neo dodges bullets in the Matrix.

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Joe McHugh is an Independent candidate for President, Forex & crypto CTA; political-economic analyst, and founder of Earth Loans.

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