There is an alternative candidate in the Democratic primary. He is an unknown Marine veteran, entrepreneur and independent candidate who stands for liberty and justice for all — Joe McHugh.


On Friday, August 14, I visited Mount Rushmore for the second time since December — a detour on my Detroit to Salt Lake City trip to complete my filing for president as an Independent. Standing in reflection upon America’s most revered leaders, I realized something: Washington, Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Lincoln — they were all progressives.

Andrew Yang tweeted yesterday that “now is not the time to be apolitical” — I completely disagree.

The progressive left of today wants what the progressive right in TR and Lincoln fought for: the liberty-for-all values of Washington and Jefferson upon which America was founded.

Liberty isn’t left or right. Doing the right thing for Americans and people around the world is not a political issue — its a human issue, a moral issue, and an ethical issue.

Politics has been used to divide the people, more effectively as of late due to our fascist Divider-in-Chief. What we need is not to play into the politics of division, but to come together on the left and the right in the name of restoring liberty in American for all people regardless of background.

Liberty is clean air, fresh water, healthy organic food, money that retains value over time and a Constitution that is applied evenly to all people all the time by default and without exception. Liberty is getting the basics right and ensuring that every person has the right to dignity, respect and decency in life.

Democrats and Republicans universally agree with liberty — it’s just the fascists who have been mislead through violence of thought and action.

Now is the time to nominate an anti-fascist pro-liberty progressive leader who can be respected by both parties to restore the Constitution and defend America against all enemies foreign and domestic.

As a Marine Corps officer, I know the commitment that comes with pledging your life to a cause, the support and defense of our Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. That is why I’ve been on the campaign trail since October collecting signatures for ballot access — car camping and tenting nearly the entire time — because inaction is complicity in the overthrow of our great nation.

We must not stand idly in the nomination of yet another fascist-enabling corporatist.

Tomorrow starts the nominating convention. Walk out for liberty. Deny quorum and demand an outsider who pledges to end qualified immunity and the War on Drugs, make every American a millionaire by replacing the Federal Reserve Bank with a credit union, and passing a Void for Vagueness Amendment to require all laws be easily understood by the average American.

This is a platform that all pro-liberty Americans can get behind on both sides of the aisle — so let’s do the right thing — and win for America — and yes, I would accept the Democratic nomination as a progressive libertarian and defender of American values.

Never Biden. Never Trump.

Always Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln.

Always Liberty. Always America.


Written by

Joe McHugh is an Independent candidate for President, Forex & crypto CTA; political-economic analyst, and founder of Earth Loans.

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