What the US Government doesn’t want you to know and how they prevent you from knowing it.

Corporate censorship is government censorship.

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Truth Hurts

In a recent conversation with a fellow Marine, I shared with him that there is indisputable evidence that we went into Afghanistan for opium just as we went into Iraq for oil.

Just six months ago, I had recorded a story on my findings which were supported by an article by The Economist magazine. I checked my bookmarks for the story — and found that they were deleted. When I found the article online anyway, I found that the entire article had been deleted except for the introductory summary.

See for yourself.

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I recorded this video on January 29,2020.


Notice the charts in the video are now offline. We’ll need a print copy of the June 25th, 2009 edition to reproduce the charts.

If you have a copy, please add photos of the charts in the comments.

Also, take note that the article, inclusive of the charts, was online in entirety for 10.5 years before The Economist moved the article into a print-only online archive in just the last few months.

This is how fascism works: the government uses corporations to censor on behalf of the government to give the people the illusion of a free society. Where our information is limited, our freedom is also limited.

You might also notice that my screenshots are not screenshots, but photos of my screen. This is because the screenshot function along with many other functions on my computer has been disabled for nearly two years. Buying another computer wouldn’t help because the government targets IP addresses to disrupt our activities. Believe me, I’ve tried.

If you want to know more about why the government does everything they can to keep us in the dark and my backstory of unconstitutional governmental entrapment, obstruction, and interference, read Hijacking America: Part I.

The US Gov’t Is One Big Lying Corrupt Conspiracy

On the campaign trail for president, I have found pressure from many people to conform my beliefs to the mainstream fabricated narrative — and away from the conspiracy theory sounding version of reality.

Visit the campaign site: LibertyStrikesBack.com.

Let’s address the elephant in the room.

Is it possible, perhaps even probable that wealthy, powerful people work together to increase their wealth and power?

To me, this is an obvious and resounding “yes.”

Wealthy, powerful people will absolutely work together to increase their wealth and power.

That’s just how the world works.

This “teamwork”, when done in secret, is called “conspiring.”

The real challenge is catching them in the act — and that requires close attention to detail.

You might notice that a person’s contact is missing on your phone. Perhaps the text message is still there, but the name is no longer saved. Maybe your call log doesn’t show a call that you made or received earlier that day or the day prior. (There used to be an article about how Apple could change our call log, but, of course, I can no longer find the article.)

Here’s a shortlist of hacks that I’ve personally experienced:

1. Bookmarks being deleted and moved in real-time while planning with a few friends in 2016 about how to put Romney and Sanders on an independent ticket together in enough states to prevent Trump from winning by hanging the electoral college. My passwords were protected by OnePassword, and yes, whoever “they” are, they hacked into my password service.

2. Phone calls getting a busy signal from my phone but going straight through from a family member’s phone. The call was to a gentleman in New Jersey who owned the trademark for the “American Party.” I was attempting to form a new political party because it is apparent to me that the CIA and FBI control the political party apparatus.

3. My emails in response to state government elections division employees are “returned to sender.” In my effort to get on the ballot in a number of states, my communications are interrupted. I’ve adjusted by having FedEx Office employees and friends forward my email to get around the block.

These are not technical errors. The idea of the innocent technical malfunction is a clever manipulative cover story for the truth — that the government is spying on us and interfering with our daily life to cover for their own conspiratorial actions.

In the last eight years since leaving the Marine Corps, the Executive Director for Air Force Investigations looked at my LinkedIn profile, black surveillance vans started hanging around my home, people with active clearances claiming belief that 9/11 was an inside job attempted to become my housemate — I’ve had lures for nearly everything imaginable from black market investments to Chinese and Mexican NDAs to tax evasion and illegal bitcoin sales, an overnight wire taking 23 days, and offers to join an Israeli acquaintance on a trip from Puerto Rico to the Dominican Republic for a drug-laden hooker bender.

If the government believes that you possess knowledge of the truth, they will come after you.

Read Hijacking America: Part I for my backstory.

A Shortlist of My Conspiratorial Beliefs

1. 9/11 was an inside job.

The idea that cavemen from Afghanistan hijacked multiple planes in a single morning with single inch blades to attack the most protected city on the planet, and that this happened on the same day that NORAD stood down defenses due to a “training exercise” is lunacy. Anyone with a trained eye can see that the implosions of the Twin Towers exactly mirror that of controlled demolitions in any city. Quite simply, cavemen do not hijack airplanes — they live in caves. That’s it.

2. Mass surveillance is real.

The FBI described terrorist activity as “espousing extremist ideologies.” Therefore, Snowden’s allegation of mass government surveillance must be true otherwise the government wouldn’t be focused on thought and communication.

3. Our entire elected representative class is compromised and complicit in a criminal cover-up.

A child sex trafficker is dead. Another is behind bars. People are murdered in their sleep and abducted off the streets — and Congress still has not repealed qualified immunity to hold government officials accountable for violating our constitutional rights.

Don’t even get me started on the coronavirus pandemic. It’s been months and not a shred of irrefutable evidence has been produced to provide a way forward based on science. I’m starting to think it’s all made up.

You and I may not agree on government conspiracy. But if they’re not conspiring, then why do they need qualified immunity to protect them? What are they hiding and why are they hiding?

That, to me, is evidence enough that there is a widespread conspiracy in our system of government.

President Trump — The Ultimate Insider

Many people who share my belief that the government is compromised somehow also inexplicably believe that President Trump is working to free us from our entrapment.

Let me ask you this.

If President Trump were really on our side, why doesn’t he show his tax returns?

Why does he plunder the government to pay off his friends, family, and supporters?

Why did he block witnesses during the impeachment trial?

It doesn’t matter that the Democrats do it too. That doesn’t make it right.

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If he really were on our side, don’t you think he would adopt a policy of radical transparency to lay the lies to waste?

President Trump is not on the side of the American people. He’s a master of deception and intent on becoming president for life.

He cozies up to dictators.

He jokes about serving a third term or more to normalize the concept.

He threatens states and cities with federal government control — in violation of constitutional law — to normalize a role for federal policing.

The CIA and FBI created fake news in 1987 with the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine. Instead of actually fighting to end fake news, President Trump institutionalized fake news through corporate censorship by appointing an FCC Chairman who pledged to repeal Net Neutrality.

President Trump says one thing and does another. He is not the enemy of the state — he is the state — and the enemy of the people.

Fascism and Information Control

Fascism is a form of corporate-controlled government in which the wealthy, powerful elite conspire to further build their wealth and power through corporations at the expense of the rest of the population.

They accomplish this through a two-step process.

Step 1) Maintain a process of Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) in which the participants of the intelligence community and government are held to a need to know basis.

Step 2) Bury the participants and the populace in a pile of lies so big, often in the form of omission of relevant fact, so that it is nearly impossible to discern truth from falsehood.

We point fingers at the politicians and businesspeople as complicit — and we’re right to do so — participation in a corrupt system frequently requires corruption and complicity on part of the participant. Those who have risen to success in this system are inevitably complicit in corruption.

For this reason, we cannot escape a corrupt system of lies with more lies and corruption because where our information is limited, so is our freedom.

Declassify & Open Source

The way forward is the path of truth. We must shine a light into the darkness and demand radical transparency on behalf of our elected officials. Demand disclosure of tax records, bank statements, income statements and balance sheets, and a contract to cede ownership of any non-declared assets to a central credit union.

The path to liberty and justice for all is the path of radical transparency.

When you serve the public, your life becomes public.

Likewise, our next president must lead from the front, provide transparency into their own lives, demand the same of their colleagues, set the standard for future elected officials, and lead government toward greater transparency and budgetary accountability — down to transaction-level detail.

We must bring to an end the use of SCI and classification curtains. We, the people, have a right to know what happens in government and shouldn’t have to file FOIA requests to get it.

As long as people are motivated by greed, corruption will exist; however, with access to information and government in the open, it will be much more difficult for conspirators to maintain their conspiracy.

Joe McHugh, American for President

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These are the reasons why I have chosen to run for president of the United States as an unknown commodity, without the resources to gain traction with the press, and frequently camping on the campaign trail to save money — our liberty is too important to do nothing.

As a Marine Corps Officer, I have sworn an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

We, the people of America, have lost control of our government. We’ve been hijacked from within and we must take action to restore liberty and justice for all people, at all times, by default, and without exception.

With your support as president, we will take the following LibertyStrikesBack.com action steps to restore liberty in America:

1. End Qualified Immunity and the War on Drugs

2. Replace the Federal Reserve Bank with the Credit Union of the United States

3. Pass a Void for Vagueness Amendment

In doing so, we will hold government accountable to the same laws that we are subject to, simplify law so that they are clear, objective and easily understood by the average American, and restore transparent citizen-ownership over our money, splitting the profits with the people instead of the banks.

Our Constitution and Declaration of Independence state that liberty and justice shall be applied evenly to all people. Let’s live up to our words. Let’s heed the call of our activists to restore liberty and justice for all people, at all times, by default and without exception.

We, the people, want one thing: liberty and justice for all.

Visit LibertyStrikesBack.com to support Joe McHugh for the Democratic nomination.

Read: Hijacking America in Three Simple Steps

About the Candidate: Joe McHugh is a Marine Corps veteran, entrepreneur and author, with a background in finance and economics. He has earned a BA of International Relations and Political Economy from Michigan State University and an MBA of Entrepreneurship and Sustainability from Babson College, the #1 school of entrepreneurship worldwide. He believes in the Golden Rule, that whoever has the money makes the rules, that the Federal Reserve has all the money, and that to restore liberty in America, we must end the Fed and go green instead with the Credit Union of the United States.

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