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Information Control: Your Eyes & Ears Deceive You

We lost America long before the first of two planes slammed into the Twin Towers of New York City at 8:46am on September 11th, 2001. Don’t let anyone fool you: 9/11 was a resounding success. It was the coup de grace that kicked off the next phase of American imperialism, unlocking the purse strings of America to upgrade our military and mobilizing to lock down valuable rare earth minerals, illicit drugs, oil, gas and water. …

Correction: Everything is hacked. A Daily Obstruction Log.

I loved my Chevy Volt.

I’ve been a loyal Chevy Volt owner since 2012. I’ve been such a fan of the vehicle and the technology that I featured the car in my Cleaner, Greener Michigan campaign for Michigan State Representative in 2014. (Photo above) I now drive my third Volt. It’s always been super reliable, affordable, and it boasts an unbeatable lifetime gas mileage of 70 mpg!

Unfortunately, a lot changed in 2019 and 2020 when I ran as an independent candidate for president of the United States to blow the whistle on the USA PATRIOT Act, the surveillance state, the repeal of our rights…

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Updated periodically — The government has been trying to put me in prison by any means necessary since 2012 because they believed that I stole information related to 9/11 being an inside job while in uniform.

I did not steal, access, view, read or come across any information that was not assigned to me in uniform or since returning to civilian life. The neoconservative, now neoliberal community has sought to obstruct every aspect of my life to prevent the truth from coming to light — that America has been hijacked from within.

To read a more complete albeit still partial…

The difference between pandemic response by a politician and someone with actual experience running supply chain, logistics, and funding operations.

In this first week of the Biden Administration, the president issued 28 Executive Orders and five memorandums to roll back Trump Administration policies, implement national mask mandates, and generally addressed the symptoms of the coronavirus pandemic rather than the cause.

In this episode, we will cover the good, the bad, and the ugly difference between a pandemic response led by a politiciani versus a response led by someone who has actual experience with supply chains, logistics, and funding operations.

Hi, my name is Joe McHugh and this is the Liberty Strikes Back podcast.

The president kicked off his administration…

Dominion and ES&S hacked within minutes, serve 48 states.

The 2020 presidential election was more likely hacked than not. Technical findings and court rulings indicate the same.

Here are the technical findings that we know to be true:

  1. The Election Assistance Commission, a branch of the federal government, pay states to use hackable election software.
  2. Two EAC-approved vendors, Dominion Voting Systems and Election Systems and Software, are used in 48 states.
  3. The software from both Dominion and ESS was hacked and reported as early as 2007 and as late as 2018.i
  4. The disclosure of software vulnerabilities was ignored by the vendor, ESS.ii
  5. The vulnerable software was used in the 2016 election, not fixed as of 2018, and has not yet…

Election law should support the will of the people, not subvert it.


The GOP is suing six key swing states to flip the election to President Trump on the grounds that mail-in ballots are unconstitutional. In at least one state, Pennsylvania, the GOP is right.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court, however, disagreed. In their ruling, the court did not throw out the case for lacking merit, but rather for failing to present the case in a timely manner. This is a tacit acknowledgment of the veracity of the GOP claim, that according to Pennsylvania law, the estimated 2.5 million mail-in ballots are, in fact, unlawful.

Here’s the proof.

1. Election law in Pennsylvania…

It’s 2020. The answer is an obvious yes.


If we have learned anything from 2020, it should be this: anything is possible.

In just the last few days, a former Israeli space security chief confirmed that aliens exist and a former Pfizer chief science officer alleged that the coronavirus pandemic is being faked while the government continues to move aggressively on a vaccine as part of Operation Warp Speed.

Did you catch that?

We named the coronavirus vaccine effort after the Star Trek Enterprise traveling at warp speed.

So the obvious question is why?

Well, when Columbus landed in America, millions of Native Americans died. …

Our dystopian future is closer than you think.

Imagine a future where the government can read your thoughts. Now imagine the same government violating your natural rights as a free person to maintain power and control.

This is totalitarianism — the state in which absolute power corrupts absolutely — and indefinitely.

In this scenario, with an omnipotent and omnipresent government, we become a prisoner within our own minds. Any individual who even thinks of a plan to rebel would be guilty of a “thought crime”.

From a military perspective, it would be virtually impossible to rebel through surprise. Your opponent…

How our central intelligence agency became the central ignorance agency and what to do about it.

The purpose of intelligence is to assist consumers of intelligence in the decision-making process. In America, we, the people, and our elected officials whom we appoint to serve on our behalf are the rightful consumers of intelligence produced by our agencies. Unfortunately, a little known policy has thrown off the entire system.

The “need-to-know” system of intelligence, called TS/SCI, stands for Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information. This process enables the planners at the top to play puppet-master while keeping the rest of us ignorant of their plans. Even the smartest people will stumble in the dark. Likewise, even the smartest among…

The story of my 2020 campaign for president of the United States to restore liberty in America.

At the time of this writing, Saturday, November 7, the race has been called for VP Biden. Provided that the recounts hold, he will be our next president of the United States.

While this is disheartening, I must look forward with hope and optimism that a Biden-Harris administration will offer me the same justice that President Obama and VP Biden granted to Chelsea Manning. …

Joe McHugh

Joe McHugh is an Independent candidate for President, Forex & crypto CTA; political-economic analyst, and founder of Earth Loans. LibertyStrikesBack.com

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