A clean, green America is healthy, wealthy, and free — and in this article, we prove it.

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America is a nation founded upon the ideal of liberty and justice for all people. It is an ideal that we have fallen short of fulfilling.

Liberty is clean air, fresh water, healthy organic food, money that retains value over time, and a Constitution that applies evenly to all people at all times by default and without exception.

That we don’t have these most basic forms of liberty in America, to me, is evidence that we have been hijacked from within but our unaccountable intelligence agencies, the two-party political system, and the privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank. After all, whoever has the money makes the rules, and the Federal Reserve has all the money. …

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Today’s authoritarian America reflects the authoritarian roots of the biblical book of Revelation.

Recently, I had an extended conversation, about six hours, with people who identify as Christian conservative Republicans. They argued that American government must reflect Christian values.

I argued that America has matured into an authoritarian state and empowered an authoritarian leader because parts of the Christian bible promote authoritarian ideals.

Bear with me if you find this offensive.

In the book of Revelation, the aptly named final chapter of the bible, God divides the world into two groups, those who are with him and those who are against him. Those who are against him are given the so-called “mark of the beast” while those who are with him have their own mark. Those with God’s mark are protected against the death of the seven plagues, which God brings down upon the people of Earth for their many sins. …

We’ve already been hijacked so this won’t help the communists, but it could help America!

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Step 1: Hijack the Monetary System

Money may not be able to buy happiness and love, but it’ll buy pretty much everything else. With money, you can buy a home, support a family, and live a good life. …


Joe McHugh

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